Take your health
from good to great

“It’s amazing to have a team to encourage and motive me to achieve my health goals! City Strong helped me create a health plan and understand how my health is connected to other factors. I’ve found that this holistic approach is the best way to improve my health for the long term. I look forward to our meetings and always leave inspired and optimistic that I will reach my health goals.”

Bob Pyle, employee
Bureau of Environmental Services

What to expect

For each bureau, City Strong starts with a series of weekly, 45-minute presentations that cover topics such as healthy eating and daily exercise, with tips on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Wellness coaches are available to work with you to create an action plan that’s right for you and support you along the way.

Responsive, accessible wellness team

When you join City Strong, the team assists you in identifying motivating goals and a sustainable plan that fits your personal health and fitness levels.

Experts in nutrition, movement and relaxation exercises, your wellness team is highly accessible and always ready to provide the tools, resources and guidance that empowers you to have lasting success.

“City Strong has made a positive impact on our bureau. It’s built comradery and has motivated many of us to start thinking about our health and daily lifestyle choices.”

Bureau of Environmental Services employee
Who is eligible for the program?
City Strong is an all-inclusive program. Anyone employed by the City of Portland is invited to participate.
Can I participate if I have Kaiser?
Yes, any City of Portland employee may participate in the onsite meetings and activities that we offer. If you wish to engage with a health coach, you will be connected to a health coach from the appropriate carrier.
What does City Strong actually do?
We offer motivating presentations, onsite wellness opportunities and health coaching to build momentum and help employees make healthy choices easier.
What does health coaching look like?
It can vary by participant. We start by sitting and talking with you. Then, we focus more on action. Members enjoy walking meetings with their health coach, cooking together, grocery shopping at a farmer’s markets, tai chi, and even go paddle boating. If we can support members on their path to wellness, we’ll do it!
What's in it for Moda Health and the City of Portland?
The City’s mission is to provide the tools, resources and motivation that empowers individuals to live their best life. As a result, members feel better, overall healthcare costs are reduced, and the City and community are rewarded, too. Moda Health proudly supports the City of Portland’s work by dedicating a team of experienced health and wellness staff to ensure the City Strong wellness program runs smoothly.

To learn more, call 855-232-6899 or email us.

“Often convenience is a key step for getting people on track. Thank you for offering City Strong at our location.”

Bureau of Environmental Services employee